Other Pressure Vessels

Golden Fields Industries Pvt.Ltd. has won a repulation for impeccable quality and reliability in supply of pressure vessels, Columns & Heat Exchanger which are developed using latest software and as per international standards or as per customer requirement. Pressure vessels are fabricated with excellent welding facilities and killed workforce to manufacture quality equipments in different material of construction. Golden Fields Industries can easily supply horizontal vessels for any gas up to 800M3 water volume.

othervessels1II) LPG, Ammonia, Ethylene oxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Propylene, Ethanol, CNG, Chlorine, Propane storage tanks.

othervessels2III) Liquid argon Vaporizer, Atmospheric vaporizers.

othervessels3IV) Butane transport tanks, HCL transport tanker, LPG transport tank, LPG semitrailer, Anhydrous ammonia storage & transport tanker, Butane semitrailers, Liquid Propylene transport tanker, Liquid ethylene transport tanker, LPG Carrier, Propane transport tank, Ammonia Transport tank, Imo tank LPG.

othervessels4V) LPG terminal, LPG Air Mixture, LPG Browsers, LPG Vaporizers.

othervessels5VI) Co2 Recovery Plant, Auto LPG Plant, underground tanks.

othervessels6VII) Ammonia bulk installation, Diesel tank installation, LPG bulk installation.

 othervessels7VIII) Fire Fighting pumps & Hydrant Systems

othervessels8IX) LPG pumps, LPG Compressors, Meter R Valves.

othervessels9X) LPG Dry Couplings & Safety Break-away Couplings

XI) Stainless steel storage tank

XII) Surge vessels

XIII) Fuel Tanks

XIV) Diesel & aviation fuel transport and storage tanks

XV) LPG Accessories & Fittings